30% Off Monk Fruit Zero-Calorie Sweetener on Amazon (Keto Diet Friendly!)

Durelife Monk Fruit Sweetener bag being scooped with measurer

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With Durelife Monk Fruit Sweetener, you can enjoy the taste of sugar without the bad side effects on your health. This zero-calorie zero-glycemic sweetener can be used for baking, cooking, or to sweeten your beverages like coffee or tea. It’s free from harmful sensitizing additives, genetically-modified ingredients, and artificial chemicals. And because it has no bad aftertaste, you can use it to totally replace sugar in your diet! This natural sweetener is perfect for all lifestyles including ketogenic, vegan, diabetic, and low-calorie diets.

Did you know that while monk fruit is known as a modern-day superfood it has actually been used in ancient medicines since the 13th century?🤯

Here’s the deal…

teaspoon of Durelife Monk Fruit Sweetener

front of Monk Fruit Sweetener bag

Not familiar with Durelife? Check out these helpful reviews…

This is by far the best monk fruit I’ve used. It is granulated just like sugar, sweet, but with no aftertaste. I use it in my coffee and in baking. It is very versatile. I’ve even made lemonade with it, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for any recipe. I typically buy a large size and fill shakers with it for easy dispensing. A large bag lasts me a few months. I started using it for a low-carb/keto diet plan. I’ve found not all monk fruit or monk fruit versions are the same. I enjoy Durelife and also enjoy the golden flavor from Durelife.

I bought this product to try it out to see if it would taste better than the other products that I tried. And to my surprise, this product is absolutely amazing. My husband described it as tasting like the fun sugar stick for those sugary flavored powders we used to get a kid. It’s not overly sweet and to me, it tastes the most like sugar in my tea. It’s a very pleasant taste. I tried other products such as Lakanto and I did not like the cooling effect on the back of my throat. My husband is keto he said that the flavor is good enough for him to switch over to using this instead. This is definitely a keeper for my household and I will continue to use this for the rest