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New York HCG Doctors Share How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain.

Holiday weight gain is often accepted as part of the season. Depending on what holidays you celebrate, the high-calorie treats can start at the end of October and go straight on through to Valentine's Day!

Fortunately, this doen't have to happen to you. If you implement a few smart eating strategies and regular exercise to your holiday routine, weight gain does not have to be inevitable.

Keep reading now as our New York HCG Doctors share with you some tips for avoiding it this year.

Reduce Stress

Some sources point out that stress can be just as much a factor in weight gain as excess calories. Engage in your favorite stress-reducing activity such as meditation, prayer, stretching, or deep breathing.

Regular Exercise

Yes, you've heard this before. But regular exercise not only reduces stress which, as noted above, is also a factor in weight gain; it also keeps excess weight at bay by burning it off. During the fall, exercises like regular walking and hiking are fairly easy to do; but when the weather gets cold, dark and wet in the winter, it can be more challenging. That's when a fun exercise video can be a big help, or a mini indoor trampoline. You could also enroll in a class or go to the gym where you can exercise indoors.

Another benefit of exercise is the potential for appetite control. Sources say that vigorous exercise can reduce your appetite for several hours, so consider a brisk walk or workout before a holiday get-together.

Set Limits Ahead of Time

This has probably happened to you - at a family gathering, party, or other holiday event, you are faced with all kinds of "naughty" foods that you know you shouldn't eat. The event ends with you eating plenty of goodies and feeling guilty about it.

This is what happens when you don't have predetermined limits. Instead of having a vague idea like "I really shouldn't eat so much," or an overly-strict approach like "I won't eat any sweets or fat," try setting realistic limits that still allow you to have some treats. For example, before an event, tell yourself you will eat one sweet item and one small portion of a fattening food, such as rich dip and chips. And you can fill up on low-calorie foods like vegetable crudités or shrimp cocktail.

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