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Losing Weight Fast Doesn’t Mean You Have to Use Diet Pills


Rx Medication Interested in Losing Weight Fast?

How often do you open a magazine or turn on the TV and get hit with messages about being thin, in shape and having a "perfect looking body"?  No matter where you turn or what you watch, you are constantly reminded about losing weight. A lot of individuals feel pressure to start losing weight fast, which means they often turn to the use of diet pills to get the job done. Though some diet pills are effective for losing weight fast, they often do just that – dieters lose weight initially, but they don’t KEEP that weight off...

So how do you go about losing weight fast without using diet pills? Keep reading now to learn how we help our patients at our medi weight loss clinic in NY.

Individuals that want to lose weight and do so quickly have more options than just a tiny pill. In fact, the two most popular methods to lose weight quickly and keep it off are the same methods that have been around for decades: diet and exercise. When we say “diet”, we don’t mean starving yourself or following one of those many fad diets that require you to eat no carbohydrates or drink special shakes. Diet simply means what you are eating and drinking, and how much of it is consumed.

Let's Begin By Looking At Your Calorie Intake:

Losing weight fast starts with caloric intake. In order to lose weight, you need to understand how much you eat, what you are eating, and start limiting that to what your body really needs. Most of us eat more calories than our body requires in order to function; that means we are ultimately packing on the pounds just by eating regularly. You can calculate your total caloric needs using online weight loss tools that will take into account your weight, age, height and a few other physical factors.  At the NY Weight Loss & Wellness Centers we offer the online EZ Diet Planner & Fitness Tracker™ as part of our weight loss program so we can monitor your progress every step of the way.

This easy to use system helps you lose weight online or on-the-go by providing you with a wide array of tools that reduce the time required to plan and track your assigned diet and activity plan. You even get daily Eat Smart, Stay Fit™ tips as part of the Body Focus System™ to keep you on track.

Once you have a daily caloric intake amount your body needs, you are not done. Now it is time to track what you have been eating by keeping a food diary. Start reading the back of labels and counting the calories you are eating, the fat you are taking in, etc.  Again, our online calorie counter tools are available for both your computer as well as your smartphone to help you track what you are eating daily.Track your caloric intake for one week and see where you are going overboard. You cannot start losing weight fast until you know what you are eating and where you need to cutback – this, after all, is the core of a real diet.

Now Let's Get Moving with Some Exercise:

A person cannot start losing weight fast just by watching what they eat. Though a healthy, well-balanced diet will help lose a few pounds and even keep them off, a person needs to burn the excess fat and firm up muscles in order to lose weight and look fit. The start of an exercise regimen does not mean you need to buy expensive workout DVDs or even equipment. Often you can start losing weight fast simply by integrating simple workout methods into your daily routine such as taking a walk or going jogging daily, adding more physical activity into your daily routine or even doing yoga two to three times per week. Start your exercise out slow and slowly increase the intensity by working out at least three times per week.

Losing weight fast doesn’t mean you need to take some magical pill. Often these diet pills are untested or have limited results proving they even help a person lose weight to begin with. If you want to start losing weight fast, start changing the way you eat, exercise and live – you will be surprised at how quickly you lose those pounds and keep them off with such a simple weight loss method.

To help you reach your weight loss goals, at our medi weight loss clinic the NY Weight Loss and Wellness Centers located in the Bronx and Brooklyn sections of New York City, we create a calorie specific meal plan that you can easily follow using our online EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™. This system includes 100's of easy to prepare Eat Smart, Stay Fit™ recipes - from low carb/low fat meals and deserts to our HCG Diet Plans Phase 1 Cookbook. Losing weight has never been easier thanks to this helpful online weight loss tool!

Visit the HCG Diet Plan Phase 1 page of our website and discover how you can now lose 1-2 pounds per day with our medically supervised program or go to our FREE Consultation and Body Fat Analysis page to schedule your complimentary consultation today! To call our office directly, we can be reached toll-free at (855) 692-3438.

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