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Consumers Beware: All HCG Diet Plans Are NOT the Same...

bathroom scale Go online and search for “diet” or “medi weight loss clinic” and you will be overwhelmed with the different sites offering weight loss plans. One of those diets that has increased in popularity recently is the HCG diet, specifically the HCG Diet Plans Phase 1. While the results most patients are achieving with HCG are amazing, many less than reputable sources on the internet have jumped on the diet bandwagon offering alternative forms of HCG causing many doctors and health experts to warn consumers to pay attention before they buying from these companies.
HCG or Human Choronic Gonadatrophin is a hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. It is a natural hormone that is safe for both men and women when used correctly. When used in conjunction with the appropriate diet, HCG will trigger the release of extra fat stores (such as those around the belly and thighs) in the body that are extremely difficult to target with simply diet and exercise alone. Trying to lose fat by only restricting caloric intake can be dangerous. It can leave a person hungry, tired and affect the metabolism. HCG can help reduce fat stores without leaving a person drained of energy or hungry.

Thinking About Buying HCG Online? Think Again...

It's important to stress that HCG can be extremely effective for weight loss when used correctly. When used inappropriately, it will not only be ineffective but could cause more harm in the long run. There are advertisements everywhere for sprays, drops and injections. You can order them online and have them delivered the next day. But like any effective diet plan, it is best to undergo them with the advice of a physician. And when you are considering injecting or ingesting a supplement, it becomes even more crucial to assure that the source of those supplements are reputable and administered correctly.

At our medi weight loss clinic, the NY Weight Loss and Wellness Centers located in the Bronx and Brooklyn sections of New York City, we assure that you are given the appropriate dosage and accompanying diet plan that is tailored for your current weight, health and circumstances. We monitor your progress and help you successfully navigate the changes as your body adjusts to the fat and weight loss. We know how effective HCG can be in helping you meet your weight loss, health and wellness goals. And we want to help you get there.

Visit the HCG Diet Plans phase 1 page of our website and discover how you can now lose 1-2 pounds per day with our medically supervised program or go to our FREE Consultation and Body Fat Analysis page to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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